Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis et LeBron James, avec la mine des mauvais jours

The terrible truth about the Lakers that will weigh them down in 2022-23

Authors of a complete shipwreck in 2021-22, the Lakers want to remedy it immediately by delivering a good campaign from the fall. But according to a reputable analyst, it is better to give up on a speedy recovery… The Purples and Golds would thus suffer from a glaring defect.

LeBron James’ big decision showed it well, the Lakers do not want to waste time getting back in the saddle. What could be more normal, after a catastrophic season which turned them into the laughingstock of the league. 33 wins for 49 losses, a pitiful 11th place synonymous with failed playoffs: we expected much more from the Californian superteam which has never been able to function properly. No way this is repeating itself again.

The first objective will therefore logically be to inflate the figures in terms of wins, with probably the mark of 55 games won in sight. A record good enough to go into the post-season, but also to regain the confidence of the fans. According to some observers, however, things got off to a very bad start… Having engaged in a big debate on the subject with Max Kellermann, analyst Tim Bontemps indeed thinks that the reality will be much less glorious:

The Lakers too dependent on the health of LeBron and Davis

Kellerman : If AD plays 62 games and LeBron 68, 65 games, the last time they did that they smoked everyone. Jokic and Jamal Murray were no match for them. There is no game.

Good time : There is a significant difference, however. This team had real support around them, this team doesn’t. As good as these two guys are, 80% of the roster is among the worst in the league, frankly, in terms of talent.

Good time : So when you look at how deep the Western Conference is at the top and you look at the amount of holes the Lakers have. Yes, if LeBron James and Anthony Davis are healthy all season and play over 70 games, I think they can win 45-48 games. But that’s the highest result in my opinion and I think it’s more likely that they end up with a record below that number.

Now 37 years old, the King has the weight of his 19 seasons which is increasingly felt on his shoulders, he who has not been spared from worries for months. As for AD, he is an eternal injured who has not exceeded the bar of 45 games in a year since 2019-20. And behind them, Darvin Ham’s group would not have what it takes to shine in their absence. Really not what LA fans wanted to hear…

The Lakers want to bounce back at all costs in 2022-23, but according to Tim Bontemps, the workforce is too dependent on the LeBron James-Anthony Davis duo. And since the two superstars have been regularly squatting in the infirmary for a while, it will be fatal for them at one point or another.

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