Les superstars NBA LeBron James et Kevin Durant se sont retrouvées au cœur d'une déclaration plutôt osée en provenance d'une jeune pépite de la ligue

The viral exchange between Kevin Durant and LeBron James!

Often put in opposition over the course of their careers, LeBron James and Kevin Durant nevertheless display very cordial ties. They even discussed publicly these last hours on Instagram around a big news concerning the King!

The approaches may be different, but the goal remains the same. Kevin Durant and LeBron James both are waiting for their respective franchises to strengthen before the start of the season, and are pushing to win their case. By dint of multiplying the ultimatums and the threats of departure, they could also achieve their ends. In the meantime, the two stars allow themselves to chat in peace on the networks.

When Kevin Durant and LeBron James talk sneakers

Despite their relative old age compared to their NBA counterparts, KD and LeBron are among the most active players on the web. More present on Twitter in normal times, Durant nevertheless used the King’s favorite platform, Instagram, to send him a message this Thursday. Not about the long-distance duel that awaits them in the coming months, but rather… about his new signature shoes!

Kevin Durant: No disrespect to the other models, this one maybe rivals the 1s and 3s for status as the best in your collection @kingjames

LeBron James: It makes me happy my guy!!! Lots of love 🙏🏾✊🏾👑 By the way, I need these KD 15 😱😱😱😱

Nike headliners Durantula and LBJ have found a great way to promote their sneaker lines. The Slim Reaper seems in any case to have fallen under the spell of the LeBron 20, whose design and “Bred” color has just been discovered at the feet… of Bronny and Bryce James. It’s up to you to make your own opinion on the product with the photos to scroll below!

A real crush, or a simple marketing strategy to ignite the brand’s sales to the comma? Anyway, Kevin Durant will have initiated a rare discussion with LeBron James thanks to the King’s new shoes!

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