TV rights |  Disney does not want to let go of the NBA

TV rights | Disney does not want to let go of the NBA

In 2025, the league’s television rights signed in October 2014 will end. As a reminder, at the time, the broadcasters of the NBA (ESPN, ABC and TNT) had disbursed 24 billion dollars over nine years!

The league and the chains will therefore discuss a new contract. With Disney as the main interlocutor.

“We are interested in a renewal with the NBA”announced the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, for Deadline. “An extension of our relationship with the NBA would be something very attractive to us. »

The company was already in the game almost eight years ago, since both ABC and ESPN (80%) are owned by the Walt Disney Television group, while TNT belongs to Warner Bros. The three broadcasters thus pay 2.5 billion per year to broadcast the NBA. A figure that should further swell for the next contract.

A 75 billion dollar contract for the NBA?

Despite the general decline in TV audiences, sports league broadcasting rights remain a very important loss leader for the channels, as these are the last broadcast objects that are best seen live.

This is notably why the MLB (baseball) and the NFL (American football) have negotiated new, even more profitable contracts with their broadcasters, the NFL even obtaining a pharaonic total of 113 billion dollars over 11 years at the end. of his negotiations with CBS, NBC, ESPN and Fox. On the side of the NBA, we cannot hope for as much but, according to several specialists, Adam Silver would aim for a contract of 75 billion dollars…

However, if Disney remains interested in sports and the NBA, Bob Chapek nevertheless specified that an agreement would only be made “if it increases shareholder value”.

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