Black Movie Festival: This is the end!

Black Movie Festival: This is the end!

The 19e edition of the festival ended yesterday evening with a prize list which crowned “Scaffolding” by Matan Yair, tied with “Silent Mist” by Miaoyan Zhang for the Critics’ Prize. The Public Prize went to the “Blessed” by Sofia Djama. A look back at the highlights of these 10 days of cinematic travel.

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We came down from the stars. Our retinas gradually resume their dispositions in natural light. Along this journey with the stars, some films sparkled more than others. First of all, the very funny “Love and Shukla” by Jatla Siddharta, the story of a young couple plagued by the invading in-laws with whom they share the house. Very good switchman, he put us on the ascending rails. In the category “retroqueer +18” we were transported through Asia. First in the China of the elegant “The Night”, director Zhou Hao’s nocturnal marivaudage. Before getting lost in the confusing Thai jungle of “Tropical Malady”, a film with two narrations by the very popular Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

SILENT MIST by Miaoyan Zhang (China)

Section “Resistants”, it was Brazil, on the border with Paraguay, which welcomed us. “Don’t Swallow My Heart”, Romeo and Juliet as a teenager with twilight landscapes that hide a muted violence. Then, a small detour via Europe for the “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” category. More precisely in Poland, where Agnieszka Holland takes us on a bloodthirsty hike guided by an old lady who is vengeful of animals. There will be “Spoor” (we couldn’t resist this very bad pun), with an ethereal aesthetic.

In the same category, Hong Kong stage with Jonathan Li’s kung fu “The Brink” with stunning choreography. We returned to Latin America for the “Bad Kind 2018” category with the Argentinian “Taekwondo” of Marco Berger and Martin Farina. A group of boys by the pool of a holiday home, the emotional and then physical rapprochement of two of them. Finally, in the “You too my son” section, we were thrown into the whirlwind of “How Viktor “the Garlic” Took Alexey “the Stud” to the Nursing Home”, an electric film by Russian Alexander Hant, the story of a son who wants get rid of his father by taking him to a retirement home, a road trip where nothing goes as planned. Pure happiness.

How Viktor “the Garlic” Took Alexey “the Stud” to the Nursing Home

The festival can also be delighted with a good attendance, more than 30,100 people. The screenings were often full, which gave rise to captivating exchanges between the directors and the public. Another strength of Black Movie, the round tables and conferences that took place at Function: Cinema, on themes such as the possibility of a queer aesthetic or violence against women.

Finally, we could not end this report without mentioning the nocturnal asteroid, temple of white nights, sanctuary of night birds: Xanadu. To those who wanted to continue the stellar journey, to sing at the top of their voices, to dance to frenzied rhythms or simply to wait warmly until dawn, he offered lodging, refuge, shelter.

Winners of the 19th edition of the Black Movie Festival

The 2018 Critics’ Prize is awarded to two films, tied:
SCAFFOLDING by Matan Yair (Israel)
SILENT MIST by Miaoyan Zhang (China)

The Infomaniak Public Prize is awarded to the film:
THE BLESSED by Sofia Djama (Algeria)

The Payot Petit Black Movie Prize is awarded to the film:
RUNNING LIGHTS by Gediminas Siaulys (Lithuania)

The Youth Prize is awarded to the film:
MACHINES by Rahul Jain (India)

The Children’s Prize is awarded to the film:
BARBER’S CUT by Ediz Anavi (Turkey)

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