Fans shocked by Derrick Rose's son!

Fans shocked by Derrick Rose’s son!

Like LeBron James with Bronny and Bryce, Derrick Rose also has a young son who dreams of one day playing in the NBA. He takes by the way this very seriously, since he trains her personally, and they were seen in New York this week. Netizens were shocked by PJ’s build.

In the NBA as elsewhere, time never stops, and it’s a whole golden generation that should soon arrive at the end… LeBron James will blow out its 38th candle at the end of December, Stephen Curry, who is still at the top of his game, turned 34, while Kevin Durant is getting dangerously close. In a few years, all these big names who animated the league in the 2010′s will be retired…

And a good way to realize that is by watching the kids of all the superstars in the league. Bronny and Bryce James are no longer just children, they are now teammates in a prestigious team, much to the delight of the King, and they could quickly join the NBA. Moreover, they are not the only ones to make fans look old.

PJ Rose, 9 years old, already monstrous physically

For example, Riley Curry, who made a name for herself by disrupting her father’s press conferences during the Warriors’ numerous Finals, has just celebrated her 10th birthday, occasion for which she received a damn disappointing gift… PJ Rose, Derrick’s son, has also just shocked Internet users, since he no longer looks like the child who took part in conferences on his father’s lap…

During his time with the Bulls, Derrick Rose brought PJ to a press conference and carried him on his lap. Today, he puts himself in the shoes of a trainer to help a young man who is rapidly approaching adolescence progress. Internet users were clearly not ready to see such a transformation:

Man, no way he’s already that big 😭

Time passes, the children grow up, and the fans get old fairly regularly. PJ Rose is now a young boy with an impressive build, who

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