Jeanie Buss était choquée par le niveau de ses Lakers

Jeanie Buss viral opinion, LeBron pissed?!

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Jeanie Buss, the big boss of the Lakers, does not speak often, but when she does, everyone listens. And in the ad for the next 2K, the owner made a startling statement that could really upset LeBron James…

This summer, LeBron James is eligible for a nice extension with the Lakers, up to almost $ 50 million a season. If he finds an agreement with Rob Pelinka and the leaders of the franchise, the King could well end his career in California, where his children are still in school. It remains to be seen if he really wants to play a season with Bronny, in which case he will pack his bags.

In the event of departure, a franchise would already be on the lookout, the Cavaliers, who could offer a last lap to the greatest player in the history of the team. LeBron is a legend in Ohio, no symbol would be more impactful than passing power to his eldest in their birth summer. Be careful, it could also be an extra pressure.

For Jeanie Buss, LeBron is the GOAT

And if he has no reason to leave for the moment, certain elements could push him towards the exit in Los Angeles. For example, bad sporting choices on the part of Rob Pelinka, who must build a sizeable squad to play for the title. And then there are also the comments of Jeanie Buss, who just made a sensational statement in the commercial for the next 2K…

Jeanie Buss: Michael Jordan is the GOAT.

LeBron James may play on his team, he may have offered the Lakers their 17th title, Jeanie Buss does not consider the King to be the best player of all time. A statement that may not please No. 6, who has always sought to write history. In the Twitter comments, Internet users do not necessarily disagree with this statement.

Within his own franchise, LeBron James is not seen as the GOAT, which could upset him with his champion ego. Could this push him to leave California to return to his native Ohio?

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