JV - NBA 2K23: a mode entirely dedicated to Michael Jordan

JV – NBA 2K23: a mode entirely dedicated to Michael Jordan

New annual opus of the n°1 basketball simulation license, NBA 2K23 is expected on September 9th. Until then, its publisher, 2K, is revealing in dribs and drabs the new features it will contain. On Friday, we were able to find out more about one of the modes that will return in this latest installment: the “Jordan Challenge”, which will allow you to live, controller in hand, some of the greatest moments of Michael Jordan’s career. .

This game mode features 15 playable moments from the basketball legend’s career, ranging from his college debut with North Carolina in 1982 to his winning basket in the 1998 NBA Finals, including his All-Star Game of 1998 or its “Flu Game” against Utah in 1997. All these challenges will be represented with a video filter, which will immerse the player in the atmosphere of the 80s and 90s, and will take up the playing conditions of the time.

The Jordan Challenge had made its first appearance in the license on NBA 2K11 and had demonstrated its potential. It’s a new tribute to the star of the Chicago Bulls this year, he who will also occupy the cover of the game on certain special editions. For the standard edition, that honor goes to Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker.


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