La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, pourrait être contrainte d'imiter l'arrière des Philadelphia 76ers, James Harden, concernant son prochain contrat

LeBron James condemned to make a “James Harden” at the Lakers?

The future of LeBron James at the Lakers remains surrounded by large parts of uncertainty, he who will see his contract come to an end next summer. Amid all the rumours, an NBA insider suggested the King take an example… from James Harden!

A time mentioned as a possibility by some journalists, his departure from Los Angeles would not a priori take place in the coming weeks. LeBron James remains involved in the Lakers project, and has even imagined a plan to bring his franchise back to the fore. For the rest, it is difficult to predict with certainty his plans beyond the coming season.

Eligible for a contract extension for a few days, the King has still not reached an agreement with its leaders on this subject. In this context, some rumors announce that it would be ready to pack up on a specific condition. Unless he simply prefers to play the watch, and wait for the opportune moment to extend his lease with the Angelinos.

LeBron James ready to deprive himself like James Harden?

On the set of NBA TodayESPN’s Tim Bontemps recently gave an update on the file for the expansion of LeBron James. According to him, the Chosen One and its leaders would do well not to rush the negotiations, and even to delay until… the next off-season. This would represent the best way to make the team competitive for the 2023-24 season, even if LBJ would have to make a big sacrifice:

They will not have enough salary margin to expand the workforce around him and Anthony Davis. For them to be able to do so, LeBron will have to wait until next summer, complete his contract, and as James Harden did this summer in Philly, accept a less lucrative contract to allow his franchise to improve its support. cast.

By giving up on about 10 million dollars, Harden thus allowed the 76ers to sign the coveted PJ Tucker. LeBron could therefore do the same by initialing a new lease at the reduced amount. Otherwise, he would leave his team in a tough situation according to Bontemps!

If he signs an extension to the max this summer, the Lakers will find themselves in the same impasse as the one they are currently in, and they will stay there for a little while!

After making such a big concession to join the Heat in 2010, will LeBron James deign to leave a few million on the table again to make the Lakers more formidable? In any case, James Harden showed him the way!

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