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LeBron ready to leave the Lakers? The possible reason revealed!

Eligible for a contract extension with the Lakers, LeBron James has not signed anything yet. The King procrastinates, as he should, in order to have guarantees about his future in the City of Angels. Additional pressure for Darvin Ham, as well as Rob Pelinka, who hope to find an agreement before the resumption. Nevertheless, a detail could push him towards the exit.

After a failed season last year, to the point that the roster failed to earn a spot in the playoffs, the Lakers are under more pressure than ever. Rob Pelinka has only a few weeks to find a way to sign a big name, while Darvin Ham knows he will be judged very quickly for his position as manager. That does not mean that he risks being fired, except fiasco, but he has no room for error either.

The coach is pushing to keep Russell Westbrook, who he wants to give a chance. It is possible that this strategy does not work, to the point that it could cost the place to many people. That’s why Pelinka isn’t closing any doors until the restart, since a trade with Kyrie Irving remains a possibility. Nevertheless, the front office must also be wary in the soap opera LeBron James.

LeBron ready to leave in a year from the Lakers?

If you are a fan of the Angelinos, you know that the King can extend his contract for two years, against 97.1 million for a few days. Despite everything, no agreement was reached, since the Akron native demanded some changes. A version confirmed by the insider Kevin O’Connor, of The Ringer, who explains that a departure is not to be ruled out, at least not completely. Everything will depend on the Lakers.

If the Lakers are unable to do the necessary, or the maximum, to build a roster capable of winning the title alongside LeBron, or if the front office fails, he could jump ship for basketball reasons. His family, his business, and the joy of living in Los Angeles, whatever, the priority might be to build something in another city. There are still chapters to be written in which he wins on a parquet floor.

Despite his desire to continue his adventure with the Lakers, LeBron does not completely close the door to a departure. The fact that he has not yet signed his extension proves it, he who is considering the idea of ​​​​leaving, at least if the Purple and Gold are unable to do what is necessary to win something. It will be necessary to watch this soap opera closely, and in particular the choices to come from Rob Pelinka.

But the present is not the only thing that makes people talk about the King, since we also talk about his post-career as a player. A major change could see the light of day in the NBA, and you have understood, LeBron is directly concerned. The good news for number 6 supporters is that he has no intention of leaving the NBA microcosm one day, and that’s good.

LeBron James soon away from the Lakers? This is a possibility that should not be ignored on the side of the Lakers. The desire is to continue for the King, but he will not hesitate to leave if winning is not a priority in the City of Angels. Rob Pelinka is warned, he who has decisions to make between now and the regular season.

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