NBA 2K23 features the return of the Jordan Challenge mode

NBA 2K23 features the return of the Jordan Challenge mode

In September 2010, on the occasion of the release of NBA 2K11, the community was able to discover a new mode, highlighting one of the best basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan, with the Jordan Challenge. Twelve years later, and while the multiple NBA champion is highlighted on one of the jackets, the mode is making a comeback, with some innovations.

Visual Concepts chose to reintroduce them at this time because it is still a beloved athlete. However, as the developers explain, some of the NBA 2K23 audience didn’t get to see MJ in action, since he retired in 2003 (although he left the Bulls twice, the last time after his last title, in 1998). The studio therefore thought it was the perfect time to highlight the heroic actions of Michael Jordan.

Of course, the Jordan Challenge returns with some new features, but the goal remains the same: to (re)discover 15 incredible actions of Michael Jordanfrom his debut at the University of North Carolina until his last final, with the Bulls, one evening in June 1998. Players will notably be able to take advantage of a visual filter to recreate the original experience, announcements of Ray Clay for the games with Chicago, but also an interview with someone who contributed to that moment.

Regarding the 15 challenges, here is what awaits us:

  1. 1982 College Championship Final: University of North Carolina vs. georgetown
  2. Team USA 1984 practice game
  3. Game 2 of the 1986 Eastern Conference playoffs first round
  4. NBA All-Star Game 1988
  5. Game 5 of the 1989 Eastern Conference Playoffs First Round
  6. Reception of the Atlanta Hawks by the Chicago Bulls 1990
  7. Reception of the Chicago Bulls by the Cleveland Cavaliers 1990
  8. 1990 Eastern Conference Finals Game 3
  9. 1991 NBA Finals Game 5
  10. 1992 NBA Finals Game 1
  11. Reception of the Chicago Bulls by the New York Knicks 1995
  12. 1996 NBA Finals Game 6
  13. 1997 NBA Finals Game 5
  14. Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers 1997
  15. 1998 NBA Finals Game 6

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