our advice and the best sites in 2022

our advice and the best sites in 2022

The 2022-2023 NFL season is fast approaching and bookmakers are having a blast betting on the future winner of the Super-Bowl! But all kinds of sports bets are possible on US Football and you would be wrong not to know them. Here is all our advice and information for making your NFL bet during the season which opens on September 9, 2022!

NFL betting: it’s not just the Super-Bowl!

US Foot is a real institution across the Atlantic. Sunday afternoons are reserved for this sport which takes up so much space in the lives of American families. Sports betting on this sport is therefore going well with several possibilities available to you during the season.

The Super-Bowl, an event with hundreds of millions of spectators around the world

This will be the basis of your NFL bet, that of finding the winner of the 2022-2023 NFL season which will be awarded on Sunday February 12 during the Super-Bowl. If you can wait until the last moment to bet, it is already possible to bet on the team of your choice, which will have higher odds than on the day of the final! But the competition is so tough that it’s always a feat to find the winner so early!

Division and conference winners

With 32 teams divided into 8 divisions of 4 teams, themselves gathered in 2 conferences of 16 franchises, the possibilities of making your NFL bet will be numerous. For players who want to take less risk, you will have a minimum 25% chance of winning the bet by betting on the winner of a division!

Betting on US Football matches

Of course, you will be able to bet on the NFL matches of the day. Winner, number of points scored, the gap between the 2 teams, etc.). Classic but effective, which will keep you going throughout the season, from the regular to the play-offs. You will also be able to bet on the players who will score touchdowns, which will encourage you to follow the match live!

And the MVP of the season in all this?

Before and during the season, you will be able to place an NFL bet on the future regular season MVP. Very often given to a quarterback, this trophy will reward the best player of the 18 days that will fill this new season. It’s up to you to have a fine nose!

NFL betting: our 5 sites to bet on US Football

Now you know what betting options are available on your favorite sport, the NFL. Now let’s move on to the bookmakers where to make your NFL bet, and the choice is endless! Discover our 5 sports betting sites that we recommend:

  • Sports Betting
  • Zebet
  • Winamax
  • Betclic
  • Unibet

Sports Betting

It is the best-known bookmaker in France. Property of the FDJ, Parions Sport will offer you a wide choice of sports betting as well as sports, all with very interesting odds.


A betting site that has risen over the years, Zebet has become a safe bet in the space of a few years. With odds to match, a variety of betting choices and a good reputation, it will satisfy you for your NFL bet.


Known only for its poker in the past, Winamax is now a stronghold of sports betting. And US Football is one of them! With the best odds on the market, go make your bet!


Regularly offered bonuses and promotions, a convincing choice of sports, quality customer service, so many qualities that make Betclic a reliable bookmaker where you can make your sports bets.


Secure and reliable, Unibet is an essential bookmaker on the French market. With regular promotions, a fluid and intuitive interface, Unibet continues to rise in the hierarchy!

NFL betting: choosing the right bookmaker

After our list of 5 bookmakers to place your sports bets safely, here are all our tips that come into account in the choice of the site to choose. You are free to make your decision with your own wishes!

Safety first

To fund your account, you must use your bank card or an intermediary. Security is therefore essential in order not to see your money disappear and your bank accounts be hacked. Do not hesitate to read reviews on the internet before you start.

Dimensions at the height

Betting on matches with low odds will not give you much pleasure and motivation, because you must not hide it, the objective is to win money! Interesting odds are therefore a must in order to be able to win as much as possible. So take the time to compare the odds between bookmakers.

The sports offered

The more sports that interest you, the more you will like the bookmaker! Compare all sites to find the bookmaker that will offer you the most interesting choice of sport for you.

Promotions and bonuses

An attractive commitment offer, regular bonuses offered, these are the criteria that will make you lean towards one bookmaker rather than the other! Bonuses on your NFL bet for example…

Competent customer service

The way to know the reputation of a customer service is to inquire on the internet! Read customer reviews, both positive and negative, to form an opinion. Because if a problem occurs, you will be very happy to come across responsive customer service.

NFL Betting FAQs

Do you still have doubts and are you looking for answers to certain questions? Here are a few more answers that could guide and reassure you:

What is the procedure for registering with a bookmaker?

Go to the desired site, then click on registration. A form or a dedicated page will appear. You will be asked to enter your personal information and then decide on your deposit limits. Identity documents will then be requested in order to validate your registration. The whole procedure will only take you a few minutes.

How do I make my first NFL bet?

After registering, it’s time to place your first NFL bet. Choose the match you want, then decide which bet you want to attempt. Indicate the amount played, then confirm!

Do you need a license to practice on French territory? ?

Each bookmaker operating in France had to obtain the ANJ license, necessary to allow it to offer its services on French territory. Check the site before signing up.

What payment methods are offered by sports betting sites?

With a few exceptions, the payment methods offered by bookmakers are substantially similar. Here are examples of methods used by most sites:

  • Credit card (visa, Mastercard and credit card)
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard (prepaid card)
  • Neteller
  • Premium ticket
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

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