Les stars NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry et Klay Thompson, font saliver une cible de leur franchise

Steph Curry’s incredible gesture for Klay Thompson in LA!

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are more than just teammates after winning 4 titles with the Warriors. They are forever bonding friends, and they surprise each other with cute little intentions. For example, the Chef just did something crazy during his visit to Los Angeles.

Stephen Curry was in Los Angeles in recent days, where he displayed himself proudly with Snoop Dogg. The Chef, still on cloud nine after the Warriors headline, helped the rap legend renovate a gymnasium in the city’s underprivileged neighborhoods, an attention for which he was rewarded with an absolutely priceless gift. He now has a piece of music history…

But Curry didn’t just work during his time in the City of Angels, he also relaxed. Not only did he allow himself a little smoky session with Uncle Snoop, he also had very small eyes in all the photos, he also went to a few sporting events. At this time of year the MLB season is in full swing, so he was at the Dodgers stadium.

Steph Curry present to support Klay’s little brother!

And this choice is far from trivial, since a particular player evolves in this historic franchise. Indeed, in the ranks of the Dodgers is a certain Trayce Thompson, who is none other than Klay’s little brother… And as he was about to leave, the Chief ran back when he heard this name to be called in the field. He did well to stay, since Trayce shone.

Well settled in the stands, Stephen Curry immediately took out his phone to film Trayce Thompson’s move to bat, a good decision since the Dodgers star scored a “double”. Like what, the connection between these two families goes far beyond the lines of the parquet floor. At a press conference, Klay’s little brother spoke about this beautiful sequence.

I didn’t see it in the stands but it’s very nice. He is a very good friend of the family. I didn’t know the coach did that to give me the opportunity to shine in front of Steph. They just told me I was going to be second at bat. I just tried to land a good shot. Stephen’s presence has not changed my approach.

After winning another title with Klay, Stephen Curry decided to go see Trayce and the Dodgers play in Los Angeles. He saw him shine with a magnificent strike, and filmed everything to send to his teammate. The relationship between the Splash Brothers is amazing.

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