Tony Parker tout sourire avec une superstar NBA

“Infinity Nine”: Tony Parker’s huge €9 million purchase!

Holder of a good fortune after having met with success in the NBA, Tony Parker allows himself from time to time some big pleasures. The former leader of the France team recently received a big purchase at nearly 10 million euros!

Establishing yourself as a star on the American courts not only allows you to gain worldwide fame, but also to fill your bank account. Tony Parker was able to notice it, he who inherited a total of just over 168 million dollars thanks to his various NBA contracts. His sneakers now hung up, he can now take advantage of all this money by allowing himself a few follies.

Tony Parker’s incredible 9 million euro yacht

A basketball lover, TP spends part of his fortune to enable the success of ASVEL, of which he is president, but also to ensure his image via his production company Infinity Nine Media. At the same time, he satisfies his passion for horses through a huge project dedicated to this “hobby”, titled Infinity Nine Horses. What could be more logical, therefore, to see him naming his brand new superyacht… Infinity Nine!

Bought in 2018, this luxury vessel manufactured by the specialist workshop AvA Yachts has just been floated off the coast of Antalya. 35 meters long and equipped with 4 decks, it houses no less than 5 double cabins for guests, but above all a master suite of 28 m² with private balcony. There can also be found a lounge, a gym, or even a jacuzzi. What to make sure to have a good time on the water for our national Tony!

Notice to amateurs: the new yacht freshly delivered for Tony Parker can be discovered at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September. For others, these few photos of the floating palace will probably be enough to make you dream!

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