NBA Gros trade impliquant Westbrook et Kyrie ?

Kyrie and Westbrook surprised together?! The controversial viral video!

Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook have been rumored for weeks now regarding a possible Nets-Lakers trade. In this context, images showing the two stars in training have caused discord among Internet users!

Launched more than a month ago, this soap opera remains at the heart of the news despite the few developments it deplores. The potential trade between Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook is still pending, in large part because of the Lakers. The latter have long refused to include two 1st-round picks in their offer to close the deal. Gold, they might have recently changed their minds. What cause a huge buzz around a recent tweet.

The confusing video of Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook

While waiting to discover the destiny that awaits them in this off-season, Kyrie and Russ can only be content with training, just to come back no matter what happens in great shape on the floors. Some fans have also believed that the two men had decided to perform a workout… together in recent hours. In any case, this is what the assembly below suggests:

Same wooden floor, same type of exercise, same luminosity: all the elements suggest that Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook had indeed made an appointment for a joint training session. After all, such reunions between rivals are meant to be rather common every summer. However, some Internet users quickly reestablished the truth about these images, and about this rumor which would have nothing to do with truth!

But they didn’t train on the same day, though. These videos were taken at two different time periods, lol.

You really believe anything

Trapped by a confusing edit, fans believed Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook had decided to reunite amid trade rumors. Fortunately, some of them did not take the bait, and others avoided falling into the trap!

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