Plus en forme que jamais, Luka Doncic détruit tout avec la Slovénie !

More fit than ever, Luka Doncic destroys everything with Slovenia!

Luka Doncic was on a basketball court this Friday evening, to the delight of Mavericks fans. The preparation begins for Slovenia for the Euro, and it begins with a very narrow victory. As often, the Dallas player made the show, as did Goran Dragic, always very important.

While the NBA won’t return until late September for training camp and preseason, you don’t have to wait that long to catch basketball games. This is the case of Luka Doncic for example, which begins its preparation for the Euro, with Slovenia. The Mavericks player obviously comes to win the competition, even if the competition will be extremely strong.

Goran Dragic, hero of Slovenia!

While waiting to see how things evolve, Slovenia did the job this Friday evening, all against Turkey, with a victory with a score of 104-103. Doncic’s teammates can thank a strong man: Goran Dragic, always very precious to his people. In the last 20 seconds, it was the leader who planted a decisive three-pointer for the victory, allowing them to pass in front.

Behind, a loss of ball and now Turkey has failed to reverse the trend. A match without stakes certainly, but which always does good to morale. We know that Luka and his partners want to win the upcoming competition, so each success is important for the rest of the festivities. Precisely, the Dallas player was not left out, with 23 points in particular.

Physically fit, following a very intensive start to the summer, El Matador did his job this Friday with no less than 23 units, 10 rebounds and finally 5 assists. Its preparation is starting well and so much the better for Slovenia, because it is thanks to Luka that this roster dreams of winning everything.

Luka Doncic is starting his preparation for the Euro perfectly, enough to give him confidence, just like Goran Dragic, who will be very important in the role of “Robin”, to use his own words. We will definitely have to be wary of this team, especially if the two stars are in good shape.

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