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Carmelo Anthony n’est pas un loser, juste un mauvais pilote ?

Carmelo Anthony, a homecoming to close the loop?

At 38, carmelo anthony has an uncertain future. Several weeks after the opening of the Free Agency, the winger is still on the market. However, after an interesting season on an individual level, the former Los Angeles Lakers player has many suitors.

It is also said that the Angelenos would like to keep it for an additional year. Thinking about the options available to him, the Brooklyn native might also feel like “to buckle the buckle” in the NBA.

Indeed, according to information from Hoops Wire journalist Sam Amico, Melo could find the Denver Nuggets! Selected in the #3 pick of the 2003 NBA Draft by the Colorado franchise, he would consider a possible reunion. And the interest would obviously be mutual.

On paper, it would of course be a great story. Because we know, the management of his departure, for the New York Knicks, has left its mark with the fans. And besides the symbolic aspect, he would embody an interesting reinforcement for the Nuggets in order to strengthen the bench.

For his part, Carmelo Anthony could thus retire in the team of his debut. All while playing for an NBA title contender.

Carmelo Anthony is not a loser, just a bad driver?

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