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L'agent de Jordan parle de Durant

KD’s new viral tirade on the networks: “I am Jordan”!

Faced with boredom on Sunday, the Nets’ No. 7, for a few more days at least, took to Twitter to chat with some detractors.. Criticized, Kevin Durant did not hesitate to compare himself to Michael Jordan, which will make people cringe.

If there is one thing that we can never take away from Kevin Durant, is its transparency on social networks. Yes, he has been very discreet in the public sphere since the ultimatum given to Nets owner Joe Tsai, still not having explained himself in an interview, but he remains as regular on social networks as ever.

Faced with Sunday’s boredom, the Nets’ No. 7, for a few more days at least, took to Twitter to chat with a few critics, as usual. And while some criticized him for his career choices, the two-time Finals MVP shined with some brilliant responses, including a comparison to Michael Jordan, just that.

The flattering comparison between Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan

Internet user: Your move to Golden State was a betrayal to many sports fans. It’s as if Michael Jordan went to the Pistons after the 1990 playoffs. Unfortunately, it will always follow you.

Kevin Durant: I’m MJ now? It’s not a bad comparison. Thanks.

Internet user: From a fan point of view, it’s incredibly lame when you joined Steph Curry after being shocked against the Warriors in the playoffs. Then you followed Kyrie and took a sweep. Now you ask for a trade, it sucks. You are a great talent, but your legacy is not memorable in the history of the league.

Kevin Durant: And that’s not a problem. Take advantage of this prospect, my man. I don’t blame you for that.

Kevin Durant has once again decided to respond to those who criticized his departure for the Warriors in 2016, with a still very subtle humor. Rather than justifying or apologizing, he took the comparison to Michael Jordan in order to deflect the tackle into a huge compliment. Needless to say, he masters this network like no other NBA player.

Kevin Durant is amused by the opinions of Internet users, who want to accuse him of traitor while comparing him to Michael Jordan. When you attack the Nets player on social networks, it is better not to miss, because his repartee is as good as his shot from mid-range.

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