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Shaq a parlé de sa fille Amirah

Shaq cash on the intimate life of his daughters: “If I see that?! »

Shaquille O’Neal rarely talks about his daughters, he who is more often interrogates on the sports career of his sons, including Shareef, freshly released by the Lakers. But in his latest podcast, the Diesel made a goofy comment about his daughters.

In the O’Neal family, it is often the boys who are in the spotlight, especially Shaqir and Shareef, who dream of one day joining the NBA. If the first is still young and has just discovered the NCAA level, the second came close to his dream this summer, with a place in the Lakers Summer League team. Unfortunately he did not convinceu and will have to bounce back in the G League.

But beware, they are not the only talented ones with a ball in their hands, since the girls of Shaq also have or will play in the NCAA. Amirah, for example, played at LSU, like her father, before joining Texas Southern, where she struggles to find playing time. As for Me’Arah, 16 years old and 1m92, she has already received numerous offers, including UCLA and Virginia.

Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t know his daughters’ boyfriends

In one of the latest episodes of his podcast, the Diesel opened up about his daughters, but not necessarily their exploits on the court. Instead, he wanted to give an opinion on their love life, explaining why they never wanted to introduce him to a boyfriend. Shaquille O’Neal is obviously a very protective father. Maybe even too protective….

I don’t think my daughters will ever let me meet any of their boyfriends. They have to understand that I know things about love because I’m a former NBA player, a veteran, and I know exactly what these young men are going to be thinking. If I see a man with the face of a womanizer, it’s going to be bad.

Shaquille O’Neal was a young man, he didn’t have to be the most serious in love, and he thinks all young people today are like him back then. It is for this reason that he will never meet his daughters’ friends, since he is afraid of recognizing himself in one of them. The Diesel is going to have to get used to it anyway, they will all meet someone, especially with more than 100,000 subscribers on Instagram. DM’s must be full.

Let’s hope for the future sons-in-law that they will be kind, sincere and faithful with the daughters of Shaquille O’Neal. The latter is already tense on this subject, even though he has never met the companions of his children… The first minutes could be tense.

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