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Le meneur NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, choqué en apprenant qu'un célèbre analyste était prêt à trader un de ses coéquipiers pour une boîte de cookies

“Stephen Curry? He would have been dislocated against this team.

Stephen Curry and the Warriors are one of the greatest teams of the 21st century, but some former players think they wouldn’t have survived another era. Charles Barkley notably used a squad from his era as an example recently, explaining that the latter would have mistreated the Chief.

Four titles in eight years, this is the record of the Warriors since they were led by coach Steve Kerr and the Big Three Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson-Draymond Green. An impressive total, especially since the Bay franchise has proven that it knows how to bounce back in times of scarcity. After two seasons marked by the galleys, the Californians thus returned to the throne of the league in 2021-22, overcoming the Celtics in the Finals (4-2).

We are therefore certainly talking about one of the best teams of all time, having been able to build a dynasty based on brilliant draft choices and well-regarded signings on the market. But could they be as successful in other eras, like the 80s for example? Charles Barkley strongly doubts it. Guest of Dan Patrick Showthe Hall of Famer did not question the talent of the team, simply its ability to face the physical challenge of those rougher decades:

Charles Barkley cash on Steph Curry and the Warriors

The Warriors, I love what they do but with the small physique they have, they wouldn’t last in the 70s and 80s. No disrespect to them. Let’s be realistic. You know how much I love Steph Curry, you think he could handle the beating Michael got against the Pistons Bad Boys? He would have been kicked out. Please stop this. The game was so much more physical back then.

So of course, there’s absolutely no way of knowing if the Chuckster’s claims are true, since the two teams will never face each other. That being said, Detroit was known for its iron defense at the time, even if it meant playing very (too) muscular. Sir Charles said it himself during the same program, it was necessary sometimes say goodbye to his family, just in case. This means the physical intensity that was at stake, far from that which can be seen today in the NBA.

On the other hand, however, the Bad Boys were also known for playing very fast, led by an Isiah Thomas who loved counter-attacking. Such a style of play would have suited the Dubs perfectly, having proven in the past that it was better not to try to keep up with their offensive punching power. So there might have been a match, in the end… but once again, all of this will forever remain in the ranks of conjunctures.

Would the Warriors have been able to dominate during the 80s, in particular? Charles Barkley doesn’t really believe it, thinking the physical challenge would have been too much for Stephen Curry & co. We know fans in the Bay who will certainly claim otherwise.

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