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Rudy Gobert en conférence de presse

The unequivocal like of Rudy Gobert on his departure from Jazz

Rudy Gobert is with the France team for the preparation for the EuroBasket, but he always keeps an eye on the news across the Atlantic. And while Utah comes from graze a small natural disaster, the pivot dropped an unequivocal like on social networks.

Before thinking about next season and his big debut with the Wolves Big 3, which he will form with Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards, Rudy Gobert must focus on the France team and the EuroBasket which will start on next month. In full preparation, he shows that he is already well in the rhythm, with in particular a beautiful dunk against Italy.

Rudy Gobert responsible for the meteor that hit Utah?

Despite his presence on the Old Continent and this big deadline that is coming, the pivot always keeps an eye on the news across the Atlantic, and especially in Utah, a place where he spent many years. While the north of the state has just been hit by a small “natural disaster”, Rudy Gobert dropped an unequivocal like on social networks. You shouldn’t let her go!

What they won’t tell you is that Rudy Gobert had also been defending the state against meteorites for years. That’s what happens when you trade the best defender in the world.

Fortunately, no meteorite crashed into Utah, there were no casualties, even though disaster was near. Indeed, this Saturday afternoon, a huge explosion was heard throughout the north of the state, creating a small wave of panic. It was actually a meteorite that entered the atmosphere, and according to this fan, it would be due to the departure of Rudy Gobert.

Rudy Gobert packed his bags a little over a month ago, and the elements are already raging in Utah. For the inhabitants there is no coincidence, all these events would be linked. The aura of the French pivot will protect now Minnesota.

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