James Harden a fait une référence folle après les 50 oints de Kevin Durant contre Detroit

“To reconcile with Kevin Durant, James Harden did this this summer”

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The sensational departure of James Harden from the Nets last spring inevitably put a brake on the long-standing relationship between the Bearded Man and Kevin Durant, whom he abandoned in the doldrums of Brooklyn. However, the two men have been very good friends again for a few weeks. And an ESPN reporter knows why.

You couldn’t escape it: lately, it’s mad love between James Harden and Kevin Durant. The former Thunder and Nets teammates spent much of their summer together, and have notably been spotted in Barcelona and London in recent weeks. Videos each time very noticed, of course:

James Harden and Kevin Durant training together in Barcelona 🤔

Travis Scott, James Harden and Kevin Durant celebrate after the Travis Scott concert in London 🍾🇬🇧

How James Harden won Kevin Durant back

Amazing? When we remember the Harden flop in Brooklyn and his forced departure to Philadelphia, even though KD had recruited him, clearly. But according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, the Bearded Man has done what it takes to win back the former Warrior, and rekindle the friendship between them:

The two former teammates seemed on very good terms a while back in London. According to my sources, Kevin Durant and James Harden are back on good terms despite Harden’s controversial departure from Brooklyn just six months ago. In fact, that summer vacation KD was invited to was Harden’s way of smoothing things over.

It’s well known in NBA circles: to party and have a good time, there’s nothing better than following James Harden. The Barbu has put the small dishes in the big ones, invited Durant and concocted a program with small onions. Result: everything is going well between the two All-Stars, so much so that according to certain rumors, KD would consider joining Philadelphia to play with his sidekick with the beard…

More than ever, everything is going fast in the NBA, and the truth of one day is far from that of the next day. New example in date with this reversal of situation between Kevin Durant and James Harden, like thieves in fair after their beef of the beginning of the year. You must follow…

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