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Ja Morant menace les Warriors et lâche une folle promesse !

Upcoming clash between Warriors and Grizzlies, Green and Morant react!

For a few years, Grizzlies and Warriors have started a kind of rivalry in the West. The last confrontation in the playoffs did not help, with many provocations in recent weeks, after the victory of the Dubs without great difficulty. Ja Morant wants to do it again for revenge, while the NBA granted his wish.

There are a lot of rivalries in the NBA exactly, but the one between the Warriors and the Grizzlies looks very promising. The two franchises have been struggling for several years, with confrontations in the play-in, and even in the playoffs, like a few months ago. The Dubs are the last to win the duel, so Draymond Green didn’t mind mocking Memphis a bit, who took it very badly.

Things are still heating up between Memphis and Golden State!

What is certain is that everyone wants to do it again. A few weeks ago, on his Twitter account, Morant had asked the NBA to plan a Christmas Day between the two franchises, for show, but above all for revenge. We must believe that Adam Silver heard the call since according to Marc Stein, Golden State will host Memphis for December 25th.

The Warriors and Grizzlies will play on Christmas Day.

The reactions rocketed, including those of Morant and Green, who are eager to do battle, but all with respect:

We got what we wanted Draymond 😤

It’s your power, boy! Let’s go !!! Take the family home for dinner after

Draymond Green and Ja Morant wanted to find themselves quickly on the floor, the NBA got the message. A good reason not to miss Christmas Day, which promises to be explosive, and just for this confrontation. Suffice to say that we expect the show.

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