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La légende NBA du Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade, s'est récemment retrouvé sous la menace de grosses révélations de la part d'une de ses ex

Dwyane Wade is controversial and is dismantled!

After a remarkable career on the NBA floors, Dwyane Wade turned to the media for his conversion. Accustomed to the microphones, the ex-back of the Heat delivered a controversial statement on his Big Three with LeBron James and Chris Bosh… and for this drew the wrath of the fans!

Consultant on the sets of TNT for more than two years now, rhetoric should no longer have any secrets for him. After letting his basketball skills speak for him for 16 years in the NBA, Dwyane Wade made his voice and his opinions his livelihood following his retirement from the sport. This does not, however, prevent him from provoking strong reactions with his words from time to time.

Dwyane Wade slain for accusations of racism

During a recent stint on the podcast The Old Man and the ThreeWade looked back on his meeting with LeBron James and Chris Bosh at the Heat. A move deemed easy, which had earned the three stars heavy criticism, of which Flash thinks he knows the source:

Back then, people weren’t used to seeing players in control. It was the franchises that caused the trades.

When we made the decision, when we put control in the hands of the players and when we changed the dynamic of things, we knew that we were going to receive hatred. Nobody criticizes the titles of Bird, Magic, Jordan, while they all played with Hall of Famers. But at the time, it was not done as we did. It was their franchises that ensured they were with these players. It was different.

In addition to this redistribution of the cards, D-Wade suspects a touch… of racism in the treatment received by the Miami trio:

We knew that part of the hate came from our skin color, because we were three black men who decided the trajectory of our careers. When we had the opportunity to do it, we did it, but part of the criticism was that we were three black men who changed the way the NBA works.

A second argument that is based more on the particular social context of the United States, where the “racial” question remains at the heart of the debates. Nevertheless, some Internet users immediately sought to reason with Wade, whose theory would have nothing to do with it!

It’s sooooo wrong, racism is not the explanation, why believe that. LeBron had a whole TV show where he was signing, and then you all said you were going to win 8 titles together. Stop this nonsense.

The racism card is really the last card in the pile. Those who play it just have an inferiority complex.

By teaming up with LeBron James and Chris Bosh at the Heat, Dwyane Wade believes he was tackled for having upset the ancestral functioning of the NBA, but also for having recovered power as a black man. A final touchy point, which does not only find approvals on the web!

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