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Les superstars NBA Luka Doncic et LeBron James pourraient-elles bientôt être réunies dans la même équipe ? La déclaration récente d'un exécutif laisse en tout cas la porte ouverte

Upcoming trade between Lakers and Mavs?!

Always on a mission to improve their roster, the Lakers are preparing for all scenarios in the coming weeks, with a Rob Pelinka who wants to take action before training camp. A trade with the Nets? Possible, even if the Mavericks are the last franchise mentioned, with a veteran who could please in the City of Angels.

There is still a big month for NBA franchises to validate deals, at least for the majority of teams. After ? A trade is always possible, but nobody likes to change the roster after the start of training camp. The Lakers are part of it, since Rob Pelinka would like to validate the last changes to the roster before the event. We include Russell Westbrook inside, who could pack up in the coming month.

No validation yet for the leader, who does not know if GM will find him a way out. What is certain, however, is that he seeks. The Angelinos have discussed with the Nets or the Pacers to find a trade, without it leading anywhere. Another franchise that should be watched quickly? The Mavericks, who have an interesting player to trade.

A new track mentioned to strengthen the Lakers

Dallas is aiming for the title, and therefore also looking for a way to make a good deal. A player mentioned, and who could please in the City of Angels? Tim Hardaway Jr, passed by the Knicks. Barely correct in defense, but a solid shooter, THJ signed a 75 million extension over 4 years, with a salary that drops year after year, which will end in 2025. For this source who spoke to the Heavy site, he is a player to take.

Teams like this player a lot. You know what you get. A decent defender, a streak shooter, big basketball IQ, a veteran. The Lakers are looking for improvements on their roster, a guy like Hardaway is exactly what they need. It would have to involve another team and a draft round, but trying to recruit him makes a lot of sense in my opinion.

Hardaway is 14.2 points and 39.4% shooting last year, which is not great either. The player could relaunch elsewhere, provided the price is right in order to sign him. The Heavy site has also imagined a trade with three franchises, with Jazz to facilitate the exchange:

Mavericks recover: Patrick Beverley, Kendrick Nunn

Jazz recover: Talen Horton-Tucker, Wenyen Gabriel, first round 2027 owned by Lakers

The Lakers recover: Tim Hardaway Jr, first round 2023 from Houston, Brooklyn or Philly, from the Jazz.

The Lakers are testing multiple avenues in the market, while Tim Hardaway Jr is definitely a player to watch between now and the resumption. It does not mean that a trade is in progress, but everything is possible with Rob Pelinka, and the progress of the negotiations concerning Kyrie Irving.

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