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“I should have already received offers”: a free agent violently humiliated after his remarks!

While many players have found their team this summer, not everyone has. This is mainly true for veterans, who will still have to wait to find a franchise, after the end of the Kevin Durant soap opera preferably. On the other side, some have lost hope, like Enes Freedom, who feels he is a victim of his opinions.

The free agent market has largely calmed down for a few weeks, the fault of the pending trades. The big players have found their franchise, but the veterans haven’t. The latter are waiting to know where Kevin Durant will end up, perhaps to join him, or to strengthen the Nets, who have the ambition to win the title. Others simply don’t have an offer, either because of their performance or because of their political opinion.

Enes Kanter Freedom blacklisted by the NBA?

In this second category, we find Enes Kanter Freedom, at least according to the person concerned. The former Blazers player, or even the Celtics, still wants to play in the NBA, except that he has no offers on the table. An anomaly for the veteran, who used to get some interest in recent seasons. It’s no coincidence for the person concerned, who hasn’t hesitated to attack China (among other things) for quite a while now. Clearly, he feels he is a victim of his actions.

The free agency has been open for a month. Normally, I should have already obtained offers. This summer, I haven’t received a single one.

We know that politics, or even attacking China, is a very sensitive subject in the NBA. Just ask Daryl Morey, who had cost this league millions with a simple tweet of a few words. Kanter Freedom therefore feels that he is being snubbed by the franchises because of his actions against the world. Everyone has their own opinion on the subject, even if some Internet users have recalled that the pivot is above all considered the worst defender in the league, and that his last passages have been missed.

Maybe because he stinks of basketball lol

You are a block in defense, inconsistent in attack, and you tackle the teams because they do not follow your opinion. Nobody wants you.

It’s hard for Enes Kanter Freedom, but blaming it on his beliefs rather than his level is a bit of a denial. The pivot is no longer at its best, to the point that franchises prefer to bet on other players, more involved in defense. This is undoubtedly the real reason behind this free agent status.

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