Kevin Durant sort du silence dans le feuilleton Kyrie Irving !

The Nets’ crazy wish for Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant!

Training camp is a big month away, and the Nets still haven’t traded Kevin Durant, or even Kyrie Irving. The franchise plays quite a game dangerous before the recovery according to a famous insider, who reveals the plan of the front office. Despite a very turbulent summer, it is still possible that the two players will not move, to everyone’s surprise.

With the trade request of Kevin Durant at the start of the summer, the Nets found themselves in a very difficult situation. The front office quickly made it clear that the franchise was going to discuss with suitors, with the desire to exchange KD during the offseason. Since ? Not much. The requested consideration breaks the ceiling, to the point that no one in the market wants to match it.

Kyrie Irving ? A collateral victim. The player had agreed to activate his player option, with the firm intention of returning to this roster at the start of the school year. Nevertheless, the point guard has been cited in many rumors, such as with the Lakers, which made him a priority in the market. Then again, this soap opera hasn’t moved in a while, suggesting that Brooklyn is trying to stall and convince their stars to stay.

Turnaround in sight at the Nets?

For Kyrie, it will not be a problem, the point guard wishing to remain in the Big Apple. For KD? It is already more problematic. The latest rumors are clear: the former Warrior has not changed his mind and wants to leave the ship as soon as possible. Not enough to worry the leaders according to Brian Windhorst, who explains that the Nets want to continue with this roster. After all, the Slim Reaper still has 4 years left on his contract.

“I think the Nets want to come back with this team and they’re hoping Kevin Durant will be okay with it. The way they handle negotiations for a trade, the asking price to trade KD. It suggests that they don’t really want to trade the player in any case. »

We can only agree with the insider, since the Nets are asking for a rain of assets. Ask the Celtics, since Brooklyn went to ask Jayson Tatum AND Jaylen Brown to give up their star, knowing full well that Boston was going to refuse. It makes you wonder if the Nets want a trade before the recovery, or rather come back with the same roster, capable of winning everything according to them.

Kyrie Irving will return to the Nets, that’s not a problem. But Kevin Durant? That’s probably the key to it all. If the player manages to accept the fact of remaining in the Big Apple, Brooklyn could do damage next year with an attractive roster. For now, nothing is decided yet.

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