Deni Avdija dreams of a medal with Israel

Deni Avdija dreams of a medal with Israel

Wearing the national team jersey in a major competition was a dream for Deni Avdija. He will soon realize it. ” I didn’t see it happen, but it did “says the Wizards player, who does not hide it:” I can tell you that I like having responsibilities in this team. »

The Israeli selection will change him from his role with the franchise, where he is only a “role player”, far behind Bradley Beal. “ I don’t have pressure, I don’t like acting under pressure. I will do my best to make this team go as far as possible. There’s no pressure on me, I’m enjoying the adventure “, he insists.

He and Israel have no reason to put pressure on each other. 42nd nation in the world, it inherited a relatively affordable Group D with the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic and the formidable Serbia.

I think we have a lot of talent, very, very talented players and I think we can also do great things at the Euros. I have the feeling that the national team has always been considered an underdog and we will continue to be, there is nothing we can do about it “, Continues the 21-year-old player. If not make a nice result.

For 15 years and six European competitions, his country has never done better than a modest 9th place in 2015. “ The fewer people believe in us to get results, the more it makes us want to really give it our all and achieve results that no one expects. We know what we are worth and we don’t need others to come and assess how far we can go “Judges the winger, aware that the level of competition will be high and his team will face stronger than her.

It’s true that there are a lot of flashy names and a lot of hot bands, but we’re not dumb. But we have guys who have played in the Summer League, the EuroLeague and the NBA. I hope we will come back with a medal, for me it would be a great achievement “, ends Deni Avdija on a very optimistic point.

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