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NBA executives get wet for 2022-23: Clippers champions?

As every year, some NBA officials – namely general managers, scouts and coaches – gave their opinion on the upcoming season. For ESPN, this merry troop has chosen who will be the next MVP, but also who will be the next stars of the league for the years to come, without forgetting the future champion. Here are the details here, and spoiler: there are a lot of surprises!

Frankly, we love these kinds of polls. Why ? On the one hand, because it gives a good idea of ​​what certain influential people in the league are thinking at the moment T, and on the other hand, it also allows you to have a good laugh when you take a look in the retro once the season in question is over. Ah yes, the principle? Questions are asked, concerning the best current players, the rookies… but also the Free Agency. Of course, this kind of little investigation would not be as interesting without the traditional predictions for the next NBA title. Come on, let’s move on right away.

The top of the league: Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic acclaimed

Who will be the next MVP? The question divides but it is Giannis Antetokounmpo who wins. Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic are on his heels, and there is some truth to the matter here. The competition is likely to be tough but without physical glitch among these boys, we should logically find them neck and neck next April. When it comes to determining the best in the league right now? It is again Giannis who returns, this time with the majority. Follow far behind Stephen Curry and LeBron James, but it seems that the NBA will be conjugating in Greek for a while yet. Why ? Because the voting panel also sees the Bucks star as the best player in five years. Here, Luka Doncic is very close in the votes. European basketball, ladies and gentlemen.

The rookies: Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero at the top, Jabari Smith Jr absent from the radar

Let’s move on now to the rookie cuvée, if you don’t mind. Invited to select the player who will be the strongest in five years, the executives have given us a rather interesting choice. Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren are tied, while Jaden Ivey and Keegan Murray are also mentioned. Do you feel like someone is missing? Yes, you are right: Jabari Smith Jr is not mentioned in the list. That says a bit about the behind-the-scenes opinion of the player. A future bust? Please note, it is far too early to tell. In any case, he is not one of those who will influence the league the most in five years, according to the specialists. Note that Chet’s injury is not seen as a hindrance to his development, a sign of his talents and the expectations that are enormous around the young OKC player.

The Free Agency 2022: the Celtics shine with their recruitment, quite the opposite of the Mavericks

This summer’s Free Agency isn’t finished yet, but it’s still advanced enough for it to be possible to draw some conclusions. Before tackling the heart of the matter concerning the good and the bad students in terms of recruitment, ESPN reporters dared to ask where Donovan Mitchell would play next season. The answer is clear: in New York. The Knicks are currently, according to multiple sources, in talks to get the Jazz star back. It will still be necessary to complete the file quickly enough to allow Spida to acclimatize to the basketball of the Big Apple, quite different from that of Utah in style but also by visibility. The surprise transfer of the summer? Rudy Gobert heading for Minnesota. Note, it surprised us here too.

As for the Free Agency of each franchise, it is the Celtics who win the prize for the best recruiting. At the same time, aim a little: Malcolm Brogdon, Danilo Gallinari (oops), all without losing any major piece of the group. After two victories from an NBA title last June, the C’s will have managed the feat of strengthening themselves a little. To seek the ultimate reward? Yes of course. The dunce of the league? Dallas, followed by Charlotte and Brooklyn. The loss of Jalen Brunson is of course the main element explaining this ranking, especially since the ball carriers in Dallas are not legion behind Luka, sorry Spencer huh. On the other hand, the fairly consistent recruitment of the Unicorns in their interior sector is undoubtedly treated with a little too much severity., since the additions of McGee and Woods will be able to bring a lot if the sauce takes. The Hornets will also have struggled, not of their own making, but have not tried anything big to support LaMelo Ball. Undoubtedly, a workforce that will leave in October less extensive than last season.

The future champion: The Clippers, who make the difference against the Celtics or the Bucks?

Here it is, the prognosis that everyone is waiting for, the one that makes this paper come out with the desire to hit a big bar or contact the voters immediately to ask them for the numbers of the next Lotto. The future champion, according to our fifteen voters? The Clippers. Taking advantage of the return of Kawhi and Paul George to full capacity, the Sailboats indeed have a workforce that is freaking out on paper. John Wall, Nicolas Batum, Reggie Jackson… It’s going to send pâté on all floors. Enough to go for the title and get rid of the Bucks or the Celtics, who are tied at the time of determining who will be the king of the East. Tickets are registered, appointment is made next June to check the validity of everything!

Little advice: keep this link warm and bring it out in a few months, it’s good for your health to laugh apparently. Beyond this humorous consideration, these opinions give a beautiful panorama of what the executives think of their competitors and of the future of the NBA. In any case, we risk all having a face if the Kings are champions next season.

Source: ESPN

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