Russell Wilson et le ballon de Amazon

Russell Wilson introduces the NFL’s new ball…or not.

NFL football is constantly evolving, but the ball as we know it has been pretty much the same since the 1940s. occasion, but the shape remains the same.

After all, we don’t touch the classics. The “Duke” is the only ball in NFL history and they were all made in the same town: Ada, Ohio.

It would therefore be surprising to see a new ball appear this season, except that Russell Wilson had something for Internet users this week.

A ball change?

A longer, faster, more precise ball. Is it possible?

Yes but no. In fact, it’s a publicity stunt on the part of Amazon who acquired Thursday games in the NFL and from this season it is on the digital platform that the legendary Al Michaels will work.

Clever as advertising, it immediately piques curiosity.

But since Amazon really made the ball, NFL players are having fun with it and it’s still an interesting change.

Matthew Stafford, who already has a whole arm with a regular ball, could break a lot of records with this new ball.

Obviously, none of this will be for a real game, but we can still have a little fun before the start of the season.

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