Le pivot star NBA du Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert, a débarqué en conférence de presse avec un drôle d'outfit suite à son match face aux Charlotte Hornets

The big statement of a Wolves star who will make Rudy Gobert salivate

Focused on the France team and his career at the Euro, Rudy Gobert must also keep an eye on the evolution of his new NBA franchise, the Timberwolves. One of his main teammates has also delivered strong words about him lately!

If he does not have much to reproach himself on the individual level, he can however be worried about the copies made by the France team during his last matches. A few hours before the start of the Eurobasket, Rudy Gobert and the Blues do not display an unfailing serenity, they who have just lost in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A bad signal sent before this important meeting for the pivot star and his partners.

While waiting to find out if Vincent Collet’s men will be able to raise their level of play, Gobzilla can be slightly more optimistic about the Timberwolves, who he joined this summer. On an upward curve, the franchise will not only be able to count on its services next year, but also on those of other big names in the league who have obviously been busy in recent weeks.

Anthony Edwards announces Wolves color and hype

In addition to Karl-Anthony Towns, who remains on an excellent season punctuated by an All-Star cape, Anthony Edwards will also represent a sizeable ally for Gobert. Already sparkling in his first two NBA seasons, the young winger intends to come back even stronger on the court. In any case, he does everything for that, as he recently revealed to Jon Krawczynski for The Athletic :

I worked on every aspect of my game, man. I’m just looking to improve myself. I’m trying to get through this season and be the best player I can be. And I want to take my team as far as possible. (…) I feel like I’m working extremely hard, harder than I’ve ever done. I’m happy with the results so far. Glad to see how it translates on the floor.

As a reminder, Ant’ comes out of a sophomore campaign with 21.3 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists on average. Excellent statistics that he would like to explode in the coming months. For this, he has redoubled his efforts since the start of the off-season, and apparently is already reaping the rewards. What to attract huge compliments from those who were able to attend his workouts.

In any case, all this has something to please the Timberwolves and their players, including Rudy. Moreover, it would seem that these efforts have not gone unnoticed in the franchise, and in particular with Tom Connelly, the new president of basketball operations, who sees (very) big for his nugget:

I really think he can be one of the best players in the world. Not just an elite player, but a guy who can make it to prestigious rankings; that kind of level of talent.

Stuffed with ambition before the start of his third NBA season, Anthony Edwards is planning something heavy for him given the amount of work he has inflicted on himself this summer. An announcement that should not displease Rudy Gobert, who is about to team up with him!

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