NBA Le rôle de LeBron face aux Warriors pour Tatum

The Celtics ready to steal a Lakers player?

Disappointed with their loss to the Warriors last season, the Celtics are looking for every possible way to improve their roster. The Kevin Durant soap opera didn’t work out, but Brad Stevens is still looking for solutions for his bench. The last track leads to a Laker.

The Celtics showed their ambitions last year by reaching the finals, with an in-form Jaylen Brown and a Jayson Tatum continuing to improve. Despite the defeat against too strong Warriors, the objective has not changed for the men of Ime Udoka, who will want to return there as soon as possible. Brad Stevens even splurged this summer trying to get Kevin Durant back, not popular in Boston.

Carmelo Anthony finally signed by a team this summer?

But this file will not succeed, the superstar having decided to stay with the Nets. That’s what’s best for him, especially since Boston hasn’t made the effort to sign him. The front office must now turn to other less glamorous leads, including one that goes to Carmelo Anthony. The Laker will probably change teams by the restart, and the Celtics are on the way.

Carmelo Anthony was considered a potential signing for the Celtics after Danilo Gallinari injured his meniscus on Saturday. The Knicks still have an interest in the former Lakers, Thunder, Blazers and Rockets.

Indeed, Gallinari suffered a knee injury with the Italy team recently. He could take several weeks/months to recover, which forces his team to consider a plan B, which leads to Melo.

The good news ? Despite defensive issues, the player remains valuable and able to punish in attack. He could be an interesting weapon off the bench for Boston, even after Danilo returns. No offers yet, but we’ll know more in September:

At the point where he is in his career, why wouldn’t he want to join a team that is winning and fighting for the title?

Carmelo Anthony at the Celtics? It would be a nice contribution on the bench. We imagine that Brad Stevens is interested, but everything will depend on the movements to come in this month of September. Let’s hope in any case that Melo soon lands a contract, he who has his place among the elite.

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