La fille de Michael Jordan, Jasmine, a livré une grosse indiscrétion concernant son enfance et son rapport avec la légende NBA des Chicago Bulls

The crazy revelation of Michael Jordan’s daughter about her father!

Put in the spotlight at a very young age, Michael Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine, has gradually come out of it over the years. However, she recently returned to the news, dropping a great story about her relationship with His Airness!

Born on December 7, 1992, she could not really experience the six NBA championship titles won by her father in an optimal way. No more than the end of her career, concluded when she had just celebrated her 10th birthday. Despite this, Jasmine Jordan lived a very special childhood, strongly influenced by the aura and planetary notoriety of the Chicago legend.

Even if he wished otherwise, Michael Jordan could not in fact offer a classic youth to his children. As he moved around with the Bulls, and on top of that he had to manage the monstrous attention that surrounded him, it was simply impossible for him to maintain a normal lifestyle. A phenomenon that has long prompted his daughter to ask questions.

Hilarious confession from Michael Jordan’s daughter

On the sidelines of the release of The Last Dance, Jasmine Jordan has agreed to come out of the shadows to answer questions from AP about the docuseries about her father. She confessed to showing herself surprised by some intimate sequences of MJ, but also to have learned a lot of things thanks to this production. Just as it had done in the past with… Google:

When I was little, I didn’t really understand what was going on because I was so young. And I didn’t hit until later, as I got older. It makes me laugh because I googled my dad to figure it all out. I was like, “Why is everyone so intrigued by you?” You’re just dad, you’re not that cool! But it turns out he was pretty big, so it really opened my eyes.

Too young to show the necessary perspective vis-à-vis Mike, Jasmine Jordan therefore preferred to use a search engine to find answers, rather than asking him directly. An initiative which has in any case borne fruit, and which has enabled him to realize why his father was undergoing such treatment. Not enough to alter their relationship, however, she who remains very close to him today!

Cradled by her innocence, Jasmine Jordan used Google to find explanations for her father’s pharaonic celebrity. Fortunately, the Internet obviously had all the answers to the questions she was asking herself at the time!

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