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The franchise that absolutely wants to strip the Lakers!

Between now and the resumption, the Lakers are determined to improve their roster according to the players in trade. Many teams could negotiate with them, including the Jazz, which is looking to part ways with Donovan Mitchell. But behind the scenes, it is said that Danny Ainge wants to play a dirty trick on the Angelinos.

No question for the Lakers to return with the same roster next year, not after the fiasco of last year. The franchise has things to forgive, with a particularly active Rob Pelinka ahead of training camp, which takes place on September 27. This is an unofficial deadline for the Pourpre et Or, who hope to have a final squad by this date. Which means that Russell Westbrook will be fixed on its future.

Will he stay long as a Lakers player? It is not certain. He could be traded to the Pacers, at least if Indiana agrees to negotiate and sell Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. Other organization mentioned? The Jazz, since Danny Ainge opened the door wide regarding the departure of Donovan Mitchell. The Lakers should invite themselves into the deal, to get other players, including one from the Knicks.

The Jazz ready to negotiate with the Lakers?

The bottom line here is that Ainge still wants to splurge on the market. According to several echoes, and after having stripped Wolves for the first time, he hopes to recover the last assets of the Angelinos. Obviously nothing is done, but the leader is ready to do what is necessary. It may be necessary to sacrifice Bojan Bogdanovic or even Jordan Clarkson for that.

NBA insider thinks Danny Ainge is trying to reclaim the Lakers’ first two rounds: “With Danny Ainge, as soon as the Lakers get involved, he’s definitely going to try to squeeze them like orange juice. »

We will take Mitchell lol

Danny Ainge is on a mission before the resumption, since he wants to let go of Donovan Mitchell, but also strip the Lakers. This shouldn’t be a problem for Rob Pelinka, as long as his team recovers solid assets in return. However, this is not yet done.

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