Kevin Durant et Strahinja Jokic, le frère de Nikola

The terrifying Jokic brothers come out of the silence and light up the Nets!

As Nikola Jokic prepares to live a big EuroBasket with Serbia, his brothers are busy getting confused on social networks. Several months into their feud with the Morris twins, they’ve given a viral layer of it following the signing of Markieff to the Nets.

6 years after the incredible silver medal won at the Olympic Games in Rio, Nikola Jokic and the Serbian team will try to shine once again on the international scene at EuroBasket. In a group well within their reach, the Serbs should manage to qualify for the second phase quite easily, and with the reigning double MVP in the squad, they could go very, very far.

Svetislav Pesic’s men can count on the support of an entire people, and therefore on that of the terrifying Jokic brothers, who follow Nikola wherever he goes. But before thinking about the Euro, the sulphurous Strahinja and Nemanja decided to rekindle an old rivalry… Indeed, following the announcement of the signing of their enemy Markieff Morris in Brooklyn, they let loose on Twitter:

The Jokic brothers destroy the Morris brothers!

You’re gonna cry in Brooklyn too! The mourner after the little stroller is a Brooklyn Net.

Marcus Morris: Yes sir !

Jokic Brothers: Stop talking !

You pretended to be hurt!

The Jokic brothers do not let go, even several months after the altercation between Nikola and Markieff, they are still angry with their rival. They don’t believe in the hurt caused by the huge stroller of their brother MVP, and they make it known in their own way on social networks. Even Marcus, not necessarily involved in the story, finds himself under pressure after the signing of his twin with the Nets.

This season, it will be necessary to surround the date of the two scheduled meetings between the Nets and the Nuggets, since there should be some electricity in the air. The Jokic brothers are still mad at Markieff Morris, they won’t miss the reunion for anything in the world.

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