NBA Westbrook cash sur un problème des Lakers

The two most likely destinations for Russell Westbrook revealed!

Russell Westbrook was involved in many rumors all summer, and the arrival of Patrick Beverley at the Lakers only added fuel to the fire. An exchange seems more and more inevitable, and two franchises would hold the cord in the negotiations.

Since the arrival of Patrick Beverley in Los Angeles, the future of Russell Westbrook couldn’t be more blurry. Indeed, if the former MVP was a much bigger player than his new teammate, his style of play and his current level do not necessarily allow him to claim a place in the starting 5 of an ambitious team. As crazy as it sounds, Beverley will be a much better third option for Darvin Ham.

Indeed, he will bring his determination and his defense, two elements that were sorely lacking last season, and his 38% 3-point career success should allow him to convert the many offerings of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. He can send big messages of support for Monsieur Triple-Doublehe could well push him towards the exit.

Russell Westbrook approached at Jazz or at the Pacers

It now remains to be seen which team will be ready to welcome a leader who will soon be 34, who remains on a very disappointing financial year, and who must be the second highest paid player in the league… The Spurs have long been a probable destination, those who wish to fight for the 1st choice of the Draft 2023, as well as the Thunder. But according to Michael Scotto of HoopsHypetwo franchises would hold the rope.

Going back to Russell Westbrook’s place in the market, I’m hearing that the Pacers and the Jazz are the two franchises most likely to welcome him. And also from what I hear, Utah would have a slight advantage over Indiana. There are several different scenarios with the Pacers, since they could drop Myles Turner and Buddy Hield, or only one of them.

According to Michael Scotto, Russell Westbrook would now have a better chance of joining the Jazz than the Pacers, since the latter would still hesitate on the package to offer. Besides, Rob Pelinka has just done business with the leaders of Utah, he knows how to negotiate, and would have an easier time getting his unwanted leader there.

In either case, the former MVP should not expect to play the title in his next franchise, since they are in reconstruction. On the other hand, he will be able to take the reins of these numbers and find statistics more in line with what he knows how to do on the ground. Even if it means being sold off, you might as well take as much pleasure as possible on the floor, even if the victories do not follow.

Russell Westbrook is no longer the MVP of a few years ago, nor even a veteran that the title contenders are snapping up. The rest of his career should be written in a second-class team, or far enough on the Lakers bench…

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