5 teen movies we'll love to see again this fall

5 teen movies we’ll love to see again this fall

Hard to get tired of teen movie. These training stories on the difficulties of the transition to adulthood tell what we have all finally gone through, with endearing characters on the benches of high school, with their families or simply at pivotal moments in their lives (se make friends, fall in love, have your first sexual encounter, graduate, move, etc.). Conceived as real initiatory and introspective journeys, through the vestiges of childhood and the hopes of adolescence, the teen movie have what it takes to be reflective and endearing. Here are 5 radiant films to try your hand at the genre at the start of the school year.

5 perfect teen movies to brighten up the new school year

lady bird (2017)

Christine McPherson is seventeen, pink hair and bright eyes. She calls herself lady bird (a way of evoking his freedom to those around him and to the world), so as not to fall into boredom or worse, banality. The fact is that the young woman has dreams in her head. At the top of the list: leave. Leaving his religious high school, his comrades, his small town of Sacramento to lead a much more hectic life as an artist on the east coast of the United States, in New York. With lady bird, Greta Gerwig realizes a portrait full of accuracy, because made of complexities and contradictions, of a teenager (embodied by the brilliant Saoirse Ronan) which seeks a little and builds a lot. She draws up a film that is at once funny, melancholic and fully lucid. And she excels in the genre. The proof, his feature film was nominated no less than five times for the Oscars.

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Booksmart (2019)

For one night, we let ourselves be carried away by two teenage girls who are experiencing their very first evening. The day before the graduation ceremony, the latter realize that they have never really been to a party, or even taken the time to socialize with their classmates. They were far too busy studying and preparing the best case possible to be able to go to prestigious universities. Determined to break the spell and slum once and for all before the end of high school, they go to a party organized by one of the most popular students in their school. Alcohol, hugs and pool party then follow one another for our two protagonists Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein), but also a few disputes and bursts of conscience, all to the rhythm of a delicious soundtrack (we recognize in particular the lively tune of Perfume Genius). In sum, Booksmart turns out to be a teenage comedy as smart as it is benevolent, with just enough zaniness to make us laugh. And this balance, we owe it to Olivia Wildewho is none other than the director of the highly anticipated Don’t Worry Darling with Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.


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