La superstar NBA des Chicago Bulls, DeMar DeRozan, a envoyé un message de taille au leader des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, après sa démonstration face à lui

A US media releases its incendiary top 5 of the most overrated players for 10 years!

Rather than developing opinions and opinions on certain players, Internet users and observers sometimes content themselves with the notions of “overpriced” and “underpriced”., two terms that are increasingly present on social networks. Moreover, a US media has just released a very controversial ranking: the 5 of the most overrated players of the past decade.

On social networks, and more particularly on Twitter, where Internet users are limited to 280 characters per message, it is not always easy to develop in-depth and detailed opinions, especially when talking about sport. So to go faster, some are content with just two words to express what they feel about an individuality: “overrated” and “underrated”…

It is difficult to give an exhaustive definition of these two terms as they are vague and can take into account different elements, but one thing is certain, being qualified as “overrated” must not be very pleasant for a professional sportsman. So those who have just been selected in the 5 most overrated controversy of the decade, according to Bleacher Reportare likely to make the head:

DeRozan and Randle in the 5 most overrated in the NBA!

According to Bleacher Report journalists, Avery Bradley, Jamal Crawford, DeMar DeRozan, Julius Randle and DeAndre Jordan would be the most overrated players in each position for 10 years… Daring choices that make people talk, because they are not always understandable . Indeed, have observers and fans ever seen Jamal Crawford as anything other than a bench player? Besides, isn’t DeMar DeRozan a confirmed All-Star? Internet users had things to say…

DeMar DeRozan is not appreciated enough

Has anyone ever cared about Avery Bradley?

Before the start of the school year, the Bleacher Report teams decided to release this controversial ranking, with choices that were not always understandable. Difficult to know what makes a player an overrated talent according to them, which makes understanding unclear.

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