La star NBA des Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker, s'est adressé au Français Joakim Noah au sujet de leur vieille altercation virale

After their beef, Devin Booker sends a big message to Joakim Noah!

Officially retired for over a year, Joakim Noah still manages to get people talking about him in the NBA. In the last few hours, it’s Devin Booker who has addressed him squarely, referring to an old viral brawl that had opposed them!

Apart from his turbulent couple stories with Kendall Jenner, who continue to make the buzz on the networks, its summer will have been relatively calm. Extended by the Suns a few weeks ago, Devin Booker spent an offseason in the shadows, determined to come back even stronger on the NBA floors. His recent appearance at CP3 Camp also made it clear that he has not lost his talent:

Booker makes amends to Joakim Noah

Hot to taste the joys of the NBA Finals, and even discover those provided by a championship title, D-Book has not been idle, and has truly impressed during this workout. Not only Internet users, but also a certain… Joakim Noah. The former French pivot indeed reacted to this video on Instagram, and received a brilliant response from the Suns star:

Joakim Noah: Pick ups are too easy for him

Devin Booker: Send the jack to two Jo

A clear callback to their viral spat came in August 2019, when Jooks, then Booker’s opponent in a pick-up game, ordered his teammates to double-team him. An instruction that the young fullback did not appreciate at all, who then simply wanted to improve his game. It would therefore seem that his perception of summer workouts has changed, and that he is now ready to undergo this kind of treatment in its preparation!

Frustrated by a two-man take ordered by Joakim Noah three years ago, Devin Booker now considers himself strong and confident enough to be able to face it in the middle of a workout. A nice sign of maturity that may please the Frenchie!

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