[BALADO] NFL: The Pay Zone is back!

[BALADO] NFL: The Pay Zone is back!

You asked for it, so here it is. The Paid Zone, your favorite NFL podcast, is back for a fourth season. No downtime in this first episode with a special guest and a full roundup of each of the divisions.

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Our host Jean-Nicolas Gagné finds his accomplice, journalist Stéphane Cadorette, assigned to NFL activities to The Journal of Quebec and The Journal of Montreal since 2011.

New this season, each week, a special guest will join the duo to chat about football. For this great first, The Paid Zone turned to a fan of many sports and particularly the oval ball, Denis Casavant. The host at TVA Sports, who also offers the podcast From left field on QUB Radio, recounts his discovery of football in addition to revealing the team that first won him over. Of course, he speaks out on current issues in the NFL.

  • Listen to the podcast The paying area below:

Since personnel movements were numerous during the off-season, a portrait of the 32 teams is in order, in order to see clearly before the start of the season, Thursday, September 8. You are in the right place in The Paid Zonewith our team analyzing the opposing forces, division by division.

We are happy to have you back for the season. Spread the word to football fans: The Paid Zone is back!

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The Paid Zone is co-hosted by Jean-Nicolas Gagné and Stéphane Cadorette.

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