Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner is on everyone’s mind

Being an NBA player means first and foremost knowing how to play a minimum of basketball, but it also means being scrutinized by all the fans on his every move. In the current League, this now goes through social networks, including Twitter in large part.

If some adopt a sober and refined communication, some decide to literally hit the wallets and constantly panic the twittosphere, for our greatest happiness. Back on the various tweets that marked this month of August.

NB: it is possible that certain translations are not taken literally in French word for word, but that they are adapted in order to be more easily understood without modifying the meaning.

# Many NBA players demand the release of Brittney Griner, WNBA player, still detained in Russia and sentenced to 9 years in prison.

“Free Brittney Griner. »

” Impossible ! 9 years ? Bring our sister and friend home. »

” Devastated. We pray that these negotiations will immediately bring Brittney Griner home. »

“What’s really going on with our queen?” Please keep us posted. »

“9 years… Free Brittney Griner. »

“That’s ridiculous… 9 years… Free BG. »

“Free BG and bring her home. »

# Bradley Beal welcomes return of Gilbert Arenas-era Wizards jerseys.

# Rare image of Jonathan Isaac playing basketball.

# The EuroBasket will soon begin, the protagonists begin to hoist the colors of their respective flags high.

” I’m back. »

“On the way to the EuroBasket. »

“Come on, let’s get started! »

# Markelle Fultz is visibly drunk.

“4th place”

# Travis Scott, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Future, Trae Young… Really, James Harden doesn’t have the same birthday as everyone else.

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