Dive into the Magic's brand new practice facility

Dive into the Magic’s brand new practice facility

In the process of reconstruction, the Magic has just afforded a brand new training center with the exit from the ground of the “State-of-the-Art AdventHealth Training Center”, located not far from the Amway Center.

Larger, more modern, more functional, it cost $70 million and was inaugurated in the presence of President Dan DeVos, CEO Alex Martins and President of Basketball Operations Jeff Weltman.

And we start with the most important, the land! The new training center has almost quadrupled its space compared to its previous structure, with two normal-sized fields and two dedicated to shooting.

An “altitude simulator”, a first in the NBA

The two pitches are overlooked by an “observation zone” to allow the staff to gain height and the latest cameras to record everything.

The Magic will also be the first NBA team to have an “altitude simulator”, allowing its players to train at a lower level of atmospheric pressure, the goal being to increase the number of red blood cells to oxygenate. more body muscles.

Also note the presence of an outdoor swimming pool (this is the advantage of being based in Florida) to improve cardio. In terms of care and recovery, quality and quantity are also on the agenda, with in particular a “hydro” area with cold and hot baths, as well as a small swimming pool equipped with an underwater treadmill.

The first step in the perspective of rediscovering the intoxication of the summits

“I have never seen anything like it”said Wendell Carter Jr. “I’ve been to every other NBA team practice facility, but when I walked in here, I was flabbergasted. Everything we need is here: the pool, the smoothie bar, the parking lot. I feel like that’s all we need, that’s for sure.”

The cloakroom is also larger and equipped with all modern comforts. We can also point out the presence of a relaxation area, nap or massage rooms. There’s even a hair salon! And since we are in the living room, the living room or living room of the team also includes a “nutritional” bar run by a team of cooks ready to offer the best supplies to the players.

Difficult to do more “pro” for the Magic whose leaders have done what is necessary to offer their players everything they need to perform. This is undoubtedly where the next axis of progression of the franchise lies! The opening of the center to players is scheduled for September 27.

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