NBA James Harden aperçu en strip-club

“James Harden wrote to my girlfriend, it ruined everything for me”

James Harden is also known for his Exploits in the field only for his love of parties and women. The Bearded never hesitates to slip into the DM’s of his “targets”, even if they are in a relationship. Moreover, the famous boyfriend of one of them still does not recover.

James Harden will go down in the history of the league as one of the greatest strikers of all time, even if he has been in difficulty in this area since he has been chained up with injuries and muscular discomfort, but also as one of the most great NBA revelers. Indeed, it was not the Rockets who were the first to remove his jersey from the ceiling of the Toyota Center, but a strip club in Houston

Because he likes the nightlife, because he likes to spend his evenings in the studio with his many rapper friends like Lil Baby, the bearded man hasn’t necessarily had time to find the love of his life. Unlike other superstars like LeBron JamesStephen Curry, or even a youngster like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Harden doesn’t have a family life yet, so he takes the opportunity to flit about.

James Harden slips into a star’s girlfriend’s DMs

And like everyone else in 2022, the Sixers point guard would rely heavily on social networks to meet people. He must not go unnoticed with his 11.6 million subscribers on Instagram, and he would take advantage of his notoriety to send messages to girls in a relationship. Former youtuber SteveWillDoIt told a crazy anecdote during his appearance on a podcast:

I’m not really the NBA anymore. I stopped watching this sport because fucking James Harden wrote my girlfriend, it ruined everything for me. He decided to write to my girlfriend, so I don’t watch what he does anymore. Fuck him. I don’t even know what he said to her, and it turns out she answered him. I’ve no idea…

James Harden would have slipped into the DM’s of this youtuber’s girlfriend, no doubt with the firm intention of inviting her to a match or to dinner. No one knows if the invitation was successful, but poor SteveWillDoIt lost his love for basketball that day. It must be said that the situation must have been frustrating for him, who does not necessarily have the means to compete with the Barbu. And look out gentlemen, the former MVP is in sparkling physical shape, his confidence must be even higher:

James Harden is a modern seducer: he breaks the ice on social networks, with the hope of changing the relationship in the real world. He visibly attacks girls in couples, which is far from pleasing the powerless friends in the face of his DM’s.

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