La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, a finalement été épargnée dans le feuilleton qui la lie à la star du X, Lana Rhoades

KD suspected: “A superstar got Lana Rhoades pregnant”

It’s no secret that Lana Rhoades has already spent at least one evening with Kevin Durant, which has just given rise to an incredible rumor. Indeed, according to the ex of the actress, she would have become pregnant with an NBA superstar, and inevitably, KD is the ideal culprit.

NBA superstars have almost all the same particularity: they live a happy and fulfilling family life. LeBron James and Stephen Curry are for example married with their love of youth, Giannis Antetokounmpo is a young father, Trae Young has just married, when Luka Doncic and Devin Booker have been in a relationship for several years. You have to believe that a stable situation helps to perform well on the pitch.

But all the great players are not necessarily in this state of mind. For instance, James Harden is still in a more volatile approach to love, and it obviously does not hesitate to flirt with girls in couple. His friend Kevin Durant is also in the same situation, since if we are to believe the various rumors that have come out about him in recent years, he has not yet found the rare pearl.

Kevin Durant father of Lana Rhoades’ child?!

Besides, speaking of rumours, one of them has just come back to him. Indeed, during the year 2021, he would have had a tryst with the famous Lana Rhoades, who is none other than one of the most famous porn actresses on the planet. According to her former boyfriend, she would now be a mother, and the father would be an NBA superstar! Mike Majlak, the ex in question, spoke on the Logan Paul podcast:

When I was with Lana she only thought of one thing, that’s me! She was getting DM’s from all the biggest rappers, all the best NBA players, but she wasn’t even responding. We had to break up because the relationship was getting a little too toxic. I was 36, she was in her twenties, it was also a question of age. Everything is better for her, she had a child with this NBA superstar. It’s *** (sound cut during editing, editor’s note).

No, we do not know who the father of this child is, since the name has been cut, but one thing is certain is that the sound used to censor him is very brief, which has led many Internet users to believe that it was “KD”. This is not the wildest hypothesis when we know that he has already spent at least one evening with Lana Rhoades. The concern is that the child is not very dark, which sows doubt.

RAW Talk (DR)

As she explained in an interview, the father of this child is not involved in her life, both educationally and financially. The superstar in question obviously does not assume his relationship with an actress of films for adults…

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