Les superstars NBA LeBron James et Stephen Curry se sont lancées dans un échange viral sur les réseaux sociaux suite au All-Star Game

LeBron James reacts to Steph Curry’s new personal achievement!

Stephen Curry has been euphoric for several months, he who won a new title and the MVP trophy of the Finals. But this is not the only feat he has achieved in recent times, and in the face of his new personal achievement, he received a nice message from LeBron James.

Stephen Curry won’t stop winning, it’s almost indecent. Indeed, two months ago, the Warriors point guard won his fourth NBA title and his first Finals MVP trophy, thus making a huge leap in the hierarchy of the best players of all time. Better, he even fights with Magic Johnson to know which is the best leader… A situation that nobody could have predicted on the evening of his Draft.

Moreover, during the playoffs, the point guard achieved another feat in his personal life: he graduated from Davidson University! The Chef now has a Bachelor of Arts, with a specialization in sociology. And because he missed the big traditional graduation ceremony due to the playoffs, his college decided to offer him a nice catch-up session this Wednesday:

Stephen Curry officially graduated from college!

In the gym that saw him become an NCAA superstar, Stephen Curry was able to collect his diploma in front of 5,000 excited spectators, but that’s not all, since he also entered the Hall of Fame of the university. of Davidson, and his #30 jersey was retired by the Wildcats. So many accomplishments that deserved a little message from LeBron James.

Unbelievable !!! Congratulations Steph Curry!!! Graduate my brother 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

13 years after leaving the benches of the university to join the NBA, Stephen Curry finally graduated, which forced the admiration of his rival but nevertheless friend LeBron James. He shouldn’t be short of opportunities once he retires, but this degree will give him some legitimacy in the professional world. And then, he is a magnificent example for his three children.

Stephen Curry is officially a graduate of Davidson University, he can be proud of him. This summer will undoubtedly remain in his memory, since he finally finished his school course, and once again reached the peaks sportsmen.

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