Madden NFL 23 Review – A Little Maddening

Madden NFL 23 Guide – Madden Ultimate Team Tips & Tricks

Madden NFL 23, for all its flaws, is still incredibly popular and that’s worth double for the Madden Ultimate Team mode (also known as MUT). Building a competent team in the mode may seem difficult at first. Where can you get decent cards without spending real money? While you won’t be beating whales anytime soon, there are plenty of ways to get good cards in MUT.

The first method is to log in daily, which grants a pack or new card once in a while. You also have Field Passes, which provide packs, items, and more through reward tracks. Although there are three types – Season, Program and Competitive – completing them can grant access to cards like Derrick Brown Headliners 86 OVR and free packs. Be sure to complete the Dailies as they provide additional seasonal XP when stacked over time and items that can be sold for coins to purchase cards and packs.

If you’re new to Ultimate Team, Solo Challenges are a great way to get XP, Coins, and Season Upgrades. You can even get the likes of 86 OVR Randy Moss (CB) for free. More than anything, they provide a great way to learn the game before getting into multiplayer.

The Auction House is where you’ll spend a lot of time in Ultimate Team. You can not only buy cards from here, but also sell them (if you’re not on a quick sale, of course). You have a lot of flexibility when buying cards, whether it’s earning cards for training upgrades or picking a high OVR player. It is even possible to make a profit by buying high OVR cards for cheap and flipping them later when they become more valuable.

Finally, if you’re not sure what to do next, keep checking the Missions tab. It provides a handy list of objectives that yield decent rewards.

For more details, watch the Popular Stranger video below, which offers lots of tips for succeeding in MUT. Madden NFL 23 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. See our review here for more details.

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