Le meneur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, vient de franchir une première étape dans sa course contre la montre avant les playoffs

New recruit for the Warriors, who are strengthening an amazing sector!

Their roster is already full with a big hard core, but the Warriors don’t want to take any risks in view of a potential back-to-back. They therefore decided to add one more player to their team, before the training camp. The interested party will have a unique opportunity to bounce back.

The Warriors lost a few players this summer, following their victory in the Finals. Fortunately, however, these were essentially role players, and even if their departures may have been regretted by their now ex-teammates (Draymond Green was particularly sad about that of Nemanja Bjelica), they can a priori be replaced without too many problems, and above all without it disturbing the overall level of play of the team too much.

The training camps starting in a few weeks, they take the opportunity to test a few additional athletes, in order to find a potential rare pearl who could turn into an X factor, especially in the playoffs. We thought the racquet could use a bit of reinforcement, since it still feels a little light, but the Dubs’ direction went in another direction. This is the back Jerome Robinson who arrives in San Francisco:

Jerome Robinson arrives in the backcourt of the Warriors

Former LA Clippers lottery pick Jerome Robinson is signing a one-year contract to attend training camp with the Golden State Warriors, sources say. Robinson played last season for the Santa Cruz Warriors and will now be competing for one of their remaining spots on the roster.

Given the abundance of players the Californians have on the backcourt, the signing may come as a surprise. especially since the guy has not really broken through (4 points on average) since his arrival in the NBA in 2018.

Drafted by the Clippers, he did not last long since they traded him to the Wizards a year and a half later. Then again, it didn’t stay there long as it was cut at the end of the 2020-21 financial year. Since then, he played in the antechamber of the league with the affiliated team of GS, with which he however shot more than 22 points per game. Enough to sufficiently convince the fans that it can have a beneficial contribution, in any case:

It’s a name to remember. We watched a ton of Jerome Robinson games in Santa Cruz last year, and the guy can play. In my opinion, he is a 100% NBA player. Stay tuned.

Jerome Robinson has never justified his status as lottery pick, but he may be able to redo the icing at the Warriors. Be careful though, it is not guaranteed that he will still be in the rotation when the season starts.

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