LeBron a détruit Dion Wright en Drew League

Player’s viral cry from the heart humiliated by LeBron at Drew League

LeBron destroyed Dion Wright in Drew League

NBA (DR) / Drew League (DR)

Confront LeBron James on a basketball court? It’s not a chance given to everyone. Playing in the NBA is difficult, and the King does not multiply appearances in the summer leagues. However, he made an exception a few weeks ago by landing in the Drew League, where a certain Dion Wright made the buzz. The latter intends to take advantage of it.

As he prepares for the new season with his Lakers, LeBron James has changed his habits during the summer. Rather than training with other NBA players or quietly at home, the King made several trips. The first took place in the Drew League to face other people, and the second in Seattle in the Pro-Am circuit. Unfortunately, things ended quite badly following a problem on the floor.

A player ready to try his luck thanks to LeBron?

Fortunately, some images remain, like those of Dion Wright. The latter is unknown in the NBA, but he had the chance to defend James during his appearance in Drew League. A dream of many people, especially since the person concerned has done a decent job, although often in difficulty. A few weeks ago, he shared a video of the event, just to show off.

All this is not without interest. Indeed, and like many players present on these floors, the dream is to enter the NBA to face the best. Wright now hopes to have a chance with a team, as he tells the site The Guardian :

I just want a team. A person. A GM. Someone try their luck with me. I know for sure they won’t regret it.

Wright hopes to take advantage of the excitement generated by his match with LeBron to have a chance, which he could not get 6 years ago. The interested party tried to find a place in the NBA, but he was not drafted in 2016. Behind? Impossible to join the elite, even if he did not give up his dream.

An opponent of LeBron James who joins the NBA thanks to him? It would be a great story, but for now, it’s far from done. Dion Wright didn’t make a big impression, and there’s no sign that a GM will want to give him a test. But everything is possible in the future.

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