NBA La proposition pro-Curry de Steve Kerr

The Warriors’ huge foot call to a superstar!

While the Warriors hope to defend their title next season, the franchise still hopes to hit the market hard in the more or less near future. We can say that recruitment has already started, with a very strong statement from Steve Kerr for a superstar. It is said.

As he continues to give his all at the Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo is at the dawn of an important season. He will first play the Euro with Greece, especially since he has the firm intention of winning the competition. Then in a few weeks, he will land in Wisconsin to find Milwaukee, in order to win a new ring at the end of this campaign. It won’t be easy, especially given the competition within this Eastern conference, which is still so dense.

Giannis to the Warriors? Steve Kerr for!

In case of defeat? We imagine that the Greek Freak will return to the Bucks again, but beware of a possible departure. By openly flirting with a competing franchise, the Freak has confirmed that spending his career on the same team may not be his intention. It opens the door to the idea of ​​exploring a new destination, like the Warriors? Steve Kerr in any case wants to see him join the Dubs.

“Giannis, I would love to coach Giannis. He’s a great player, but he also seems like a nice person. » Steve Kerr, on the current player he would like to coach.

Sure, Kerr is just answering a question, but he knows what he’s doing when answering Giannis. The Greek has already been linked with the Warriors in the past, although a move to California would be very complicated on paper. But be careful not to give hope to the fans, who would not be against it. Others preferred to laugh at this statement.

Come coach the Bucks and take Curry with you

Wow it’s so cool to see that Kerr wants to become an assistant to the Bucks to coach Giannis!

Steve Kerr dreams of coaching Giannis Antetokounmpo, but it’s not for tomorrow. It remains to be seen if he should make the trip to the Bucks, or if the Greek Freak can one day join the Warriors. In any case, he never closed the door to a departure.

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