NFL: several fines for having taunted

NFL: several fines for having taunted

The NFL no doubt wanted to send a message to its players on Saturday, when several fines were imposed on athletes who taunted the opponent during the first week of activities.

Among the players targeted, receivers Stefon Diggs and Ja’Marr Chase, respectively with the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals, were fined. Diggs will have to pay $10,609 for mocking Jalen Ramsey after scoring a touchdown, while Chase was fined two separate fines, each for unsportsmanlike conduct. A photo of him has gone around the web, when he is seen giving the middle fingers to Pittsburgh Steelers player Minkah Fitzpatrick. He will be deprived of just over $23,000 in total.

In addition to these two men, Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams, who saw his season end after suffering an injury, also suffered. He will have to pay the same amount as Diggs. Finally, Denver Broncos linebacker Jonathon Cooper and Bills defensive back Dane Jackson will also have to pay $4,723 and $4,972, respectively, for the same reasons.

Other noteworthy fines include one issued to Tracy Walker of the Detroit Lions, who was ejected from his team’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles after punching a opponent. He will give back $11,139. Brian Burns, for his part, received the heaviest fine, $15,914, for needlessly assaulting the quarterback.

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