Tyrod Taylor sues Chargers doctor

Tyrod Taylor sues Chargers doctor

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Chargers doctor who punctured his lung two years ago.

This is what the ESPN network learned on Sunday.

Now employed by the New York Giants, the 33-year-old saw his 2020 campaign come to an abrupt end when Dr. David S. Gazzaniga accidentally punctured his lung while attempting to administer an injection painkillers for fractured ribs.

Taylor was the Chargers’ starter at the time, and that accident gave Justin Herbert his NFL debut. He is asking the doctor for $5 million in damages.

“When he returned to the free agent market, he played as a reserve quarterback rather than a starting quarterback. The economic difference between the salary of a starting quarterback and that of a reserve quarterback is at least $5,000,000, if not much more,” the lawsuit reads.

Last year, Taylor played for the Houston Texans. He started six games and completed 60.7% of the passes he attempted for 966 yards and five touchdowns. He then signed a two-year contract worth $11 million with the Giants.

Separately, the trial was originally scheduled to be held in November, but both sides agreed to postpone it to April due to the NFL season.

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